HDAP was proud to honor Frank P. Masterson Jr., celebrating 66 years of service to the community of Hunterdon County. This event took place on May 1st, 2004 at the Inn at Lambertville Station. Over 100 people joined to celebrate a local legend and pioneer in the Hunterdon County Human Services field.

Frank P. Masterson, Jr.
Frank P. Masterson, Jr. has a distinguished career at the Lambertville Police Department from 1948 - 1978, the last 22 years of which was spent as the Police Chief. U.S. Postal Employee from 1938 - 1968, and U.S. Naval Specialist during WWII 1944 - 1946. From 1970 - 1977 twelve young people’s lives were lost in Lambertville due to drug related deaths. Frank helped to found Hunterdon Drug Awareness Program in 1977 after a small group of concerned community leaders felt there was a need for a substance abuse program in the Lambertville area. Frank has served on the Hunterdon Drug Awareness Program Board of Directors from 1977 until today as Vice President of the Board.

In 1946 Frank was a driving force behind the creation of the Lambertville Rescue Squad, and he remained a charter member until 1948 when he joined the Lambertville Police Department. Frank served on a committee to establish the Hunterdon County Police Chief’s Association. In 1966, Frank was the first person to request funding for a county wide Police radio system. This request was realized 10 years later when funding was received from multiple sources to the extent of $500,000 to enable a county wide 911 system for Police, Fire and Emergency personnel. Frank has also served two terms on the United Way Board. He currently is on the Human Services Advisory Council for Hunterdon County having served over the past 20+ years.

After retiring in 1978 Frank was named a member of the Phillips-Barber Board of Trustees and they oversee the investments and disbursements to Hunterdon Medical Center, the local rescue squads and local charities.

Frank celebrated his 90th birthday in October 2003. He currently helps care for his grandchildren (Jimmy age 6, and Lauren age 4). Frank is still active in the Phillips-Barber Foundation, the Hunterdon County Human Services Advisory Council, and Hunterdon Drug Awareness Program. Frank has been married to his beautiful wife Marie for 53 years, has 4 children, 7 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren.
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Proclamation by the Hunterdon County Freeholders
Freeholder George Muller presented a proclamation for Frank honoring his years as Chief of Police in Lambertville, his 30 years of service in the Post Office, his years of service during World War II, and his continued service to Human Services field in form of helping to found Hunterdon Drug Awareness Program, and his invaluable services on different committees. Frank proudly accepted this proclamation.
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Proclamation by the Lambertville City Officials
Mayor David Delveccio presented a proclamation for Frank honoring his years as Chief of Police in Lambertville, His 30 years of service in the Post Office of Lambertville. Mayor Delveccio also noted Frank's years of service during World War II, and his continued service to Hunterdon Drug Awareness. Mayor Delveccio joked with Frank about how his own time in Lambertville appears transient in comparison to Frank's. Frank proudly accepted this proclamation.
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Hunterdon Drug Awareness Board Proclamation
Hunterdon Drug Awareness Board President Mike Griffin (and Master of Ceremonies) presented Frank with a proclamation from the HDAP Board of Directors. This proclamation also cited Frank's many achievements in Police work, as a Postal Employee, as a founding member of HDAP and 27 year commitment to the board of Directors, and for his other civic and personal accomplishments. Mike presented a very humorous "Top Five" list of reasons to be celebrating Frank Masterson, with reason number one being that Frank represents all that is good about America and how we all should strive to live our lives with the same level of personal and professional commitment and excellence that Frank P. Masterson Jr. has done, continues to do (and he told Frank we'd be back on his 100th year to continue the celebration of his life).
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State Senator Lance and President Bush Proclamations
Executive Director Glenn Duncan presented a proclamation from NJ State Senator Leonard Lance, who was unable to attend the event. Congressman Michael Pappas, who was also unable to attend the event, worked to get Frank a Proclamation from President George W. Bush. Glenn read and presented both proclamations to Frank. After this, Glenn proceeded to provide a traditional roast of the honoree. Frank was lampooned in a slide presentation referencing many areas of his life. Historical inaccuracies included chronicling Frank's moving from Pennsylvania to New Jersey with help crossing the Delaware River from George Washington. Also chronicled was not only Frank's documented involvement serving in World War II, but "evidence" of his service in the Revolutionary War.
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Testimonials and Frank's Speech
The event also saw emotional and moving tributes to Frank from Lewis Ware (far right in picture), Jimmy Conover, and Jim Loper. Each person provided a unique perspective on Frank from a Treatment (Lewis Ware), Law Enforcement (Jimmy Conover), and Education (Jim Loper) perspective. Each presentation blended historical fact and humor, each providing a unique look at Frank and his professional accomplishments.

Towards the end of the event, after all speeches, awards, and roastings were over, it was time for Frank to speak. He spoke about some major events that occurred in his professional career as Police Chief. He then talked about the evolution of HDAP, and how his vision remained and has grown over the years. Frank ended his speech in a standing ovation, out respect for a man who has done so much for his community.

HDAP would like to thank Frank P. Masterson, Jr. being one of a few that had the vision to start a local agency designed to help community members struggling with issues surrounding substance abuse and dependence. It is through the implementation of their vision that thousands of people have been helped over the 27 year period that Hunterdon Drug Awareness Program has been in business. We would also like to thank Frank for remaining on our Board of Directors ever since HDAP's inception in 1977. HDAP would also like to thank everyone involved in this outstanding tribute to Frank (including Frank's family, friends and community peers). It was a perfect blend of moving testimonials, official proclamations of service, and humor that made this event such a success. We would like to thank all those that attended, those who sponsored the Frank Masterson Commemorative Journal, the Speakers, and those who bestowed proclamations to Frank. Finally we would like to thank the Frank Masterson event committee members who worked very hard to make this event happen. They are:

  • Billye S. Byrum
  • Glenn Duncan
  • David Errickson (Honorary Chairman and the person who first envisioned and suggested this event)
  • Michael J. Griffin
  • Kenneth K. Harding
  • Neil Macher
  • Frank P. Masterson, III
  • Jill Piperata
  • Paul Santella
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