Accurate Information on Drugs & Alcohol

All of - A great resource for links on Adolescent/Adult Depression and other problems.
American Council for Drug Education - ACDE website for information on drug education.
MEDLINEplus - Information on thousands of prescription and over-the-counter medications.NIDA - The National Institute on Drug Abuse.
SAMHSA - Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP).
SAMHSA - Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT).
SAMHSA - National Clearinghouse for Alcohol & Drug Information.
StreetDrugs.Org - Excellent Information on the latest drugs of abuse. 

Other Resources in Hunterdon County

Anderson House - Residential Services for Women.
Freedom House - Residential Services for Men.
Good News Home for Women - Residential Services for Women.
Hunterdon County - Hunterdon County Website.
The Hunterdon County News - Monday - Friday Online Newspaper for Hunterdon County.
Hunterdon Helpline - 24 hour hotline, information and referral services.
Hunterdon Medical Center - Behavioral Health Services.
Hunterdon Moms Online - A resource for parents who live in Hunterdon County.
Prevention Resources - Substance Abuse Prevention and Education.
Safe In Hunterdon - Serving Women, Men and Families in Crisis
United Way - The United Way of Hunterdon County.

12-Step and Other Self-Help Recovery Websites

Alanon/Alateen (National) - Alanon and Alateen official website.
Alanon/Alateen of New Jersey - Alanon of NJ's official website and meeting locator.
Alcholics Anonymous (National) - AA's official website.
Alcoholics Anonymous of Northern New Jersey - Find local NJ AA meetings.
Codependents Anonymous - Codependents Anonymous website.
Families Anonymous - Families Anonymous official website.
Narcotics Anonymous (National) - NA's official website.
Narcotics Anonymous of New Jersey - Find local NJ NA meetings.
Naranon (National) - Naranon's official website.
Naranon of New Jersey - Naranon of NJ's official website and meeting locator.
Rational Recovery - Rational Recovery official website.
Smart Recovery - Smart Recovery official website.

HDAP's Drug Screen Providers

AlcoPro - Our Instant Alcohol Screen Provider.
Redwood Toxicology - Our 10 Panel Instant Drug Screen Provider.
Redwood Toxicology - Chain of Custody Lab Drug Screen Provider. 
Truetox - Chain of Custody Lab.